12 World’s Most Renowned Influencers In Slavonia

Category: Press releases
Published: Mon, 03.09.2018 - 10:52

The Croatian National Tourist Board has organised the second sequel to the well-received promotional campaign “Visit Slavonia, Share Slavonia”. This is a promotion focused on blogs and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and so from 3 to 8 September, famous world bloggers and influencers from Germany, Poland, Great Britain, France, Macedonia and Croatia, as well as two from Australia and Japan, will experience Slavonia, its tourist locations, traditions and delicacies. Slavonian tourist boards and the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb, where the influencers have initiated their stay in Croatia, will participate in the project implementation.

“After the amazing campaign within which the promotional posts related to Slavonia were viewed and followed daily by more than a million fans from all over the world, we have decided to bring famous influencers and bloggers to Slavonia, specifically, to those parts that were not covered by the first part of the campaign. This way, we are introducing the Croatian continental offer to the world, especially Slavonia, which holds a huge potential for year-round tourism development”, said director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that quality promotion of continental tourist offer, especially during low season, would continue.

Part of the programme “Visit Slavonia, Share Slavonia” is Sophia Giesecke, a dreamer, globetrotter, designer and blogger. Originally from China and Vietnam, her second home is New York, where she studied fashion design and one of her bosses was world’s renowned designer Alexander Wang. Her blog is very much read in the world, she is an inspiration to young girls and she has been setting new trends in travelling and fashion. Wojciech Tyluśiz from Poland will be visiting Slavonia again; he and his wife are working jointly on the blog CroLove, entirely dedicated to Croatia, where more than 150,000 visits have been accomplished on a weekly basis. The authors of the blog have a huge number of fans on social networks where they promote the best of Croatia, which they consider their second, and perhaps permanent first home in the future. A French couple, Arthur and Claire, are behind the very famous blog Les Droners. They are also very active on Instagram. This sweet French couple says that their blog and love of travelling have become part of their lifestyle. Japanese blogger Yuya Matsuo, who has visited Croatia on several occasions, also uses a drone to create attractive photos and videos. So far, he has visited 27 European countries, he loves photography and has been sharing his work with more than 300,000 fans who follow him on social networks and his blog, which is simply called Yuya Matsuo.

Let us add to this that the project will be followed on social networks with the hashtag #VisitSlavonia and #ShareSlavonia, and the entire trip and stay of bloggers in Slavonia will be broadcast live on social networks of the Croatian National Tourist Board. An additional promotional significance of this project lies in the fact that all the bloggers are not only specialised in travel topics, but also in eno-gastronomy, culture, fashion and photography.